(SHOWCASE) GUCC-THROUGH Low Profile Plate Carrier


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Compatible w/:
1 inch buckle front panel , zipper backpacks, velcro cummerbunds
Upgrade w/:
Front Panel, Back Panel/Bag, ROC Cummerbund

Product Overview

All SWAG, No Compromise.  Completely unique, one of a kind status

Rebuild of the Templar's Gear CPC-LP originally in Coyote Brown. Commissioned by Breakthrough Tactics.

Genuine canvas fabric from the top tier fashion brand. All the same functionality as the original LP-CPC plate carrier. Dismantled and put back together by tactical gear tailor


Crusader Plate Carrier Low Profile TG-CPC LP is an advanced tactical vest designed to combine low weight with maximum user comfort .

It can be equipped with changeable front panel and dedicated zip-on back panel. Thanks to laser cutting technology, the weight of the laminate was noticeably reduced while maintaining the camouflage integrity of the vest.


Made for medium for M SAPI plates held in two velcro-fastened pockets. 

Suit your mission! Quick release buckles and velcro are provided for using different front flaps.

The cummerbund is wide and form fitting elastic material. 3 bungee adjusted pouches on each side fits a wide range of magazines and accessories.

When used together with a zip-on panel, the cummerbund is hidden, removing a snagging hazard.


The product should be cleaned as recommended by the manufacturer at temperatures up to 30 C deg. Instead of washing, clean with a damp sponge and only use with detergents suited to Cordura.

  • Completely unique and one of kind SWAG!
  • Sharp red stripe patterned shoulder straps from reclaimed tote bag with padding and laser cut MOLLE 
  • Genuine brand name canvas fabric from reclaimed tote bag with lightweight laser-cut Cordura 500 laminate
  • Original leather tag
  • for MEDIUM SAPI plates
  • Use the 1 inch quick release buckle and velcro for securing other front flaps.
  • Elastic Cummerbund w/pouches 
  • Cummerbund can be hidden in the back with the optional back zipper plate for additional MOLLE 
  • Back Velcro ID panel, Front ID panel velcro retained for your disposal 
  • Padding liner for comfort
  • Cummerbund upgradable with ROC Cummerbund for quick release and reattachment!

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