#ROCvolution + Hinge™ Mark II

Rapidly assemble and disassemble a plate carrier without changing the fitting of the carrier.

Buckles are located in the cummerbund and the shoulder straps on our Crusader ROC Carriers

Upgrade your Plate Carrier with ROC buckles using our elastic cummerbund kits..


The Hinge Mark II buckle is a product applicable to plater carrier cummerbund. It is made of high strength polymer that can resist a pull of 200kg. Button design remains in this item, allowing the user to more quickly find the position for unlocking in motion or in water and undo the buckle than pull buckles and click buckles do. The demagnetized, anti-corrosion spring inside the buckle makes the item available to underwater environments. The buckle can be opened or closed in the dark with one hand. It is connected to the gear with 1-inch webbing, significantly simplifying the procedure and reducing the use of unnecessary materials.


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