Crusader ROC Plate Carrier Gen4

Templars Gear

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800.00 Grams
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1 inch buckle front panel , zipper backpacks, MOLLE pouches, velcro cummerbunds
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Front Panel, Back Panel/Bag
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Product Overview

The Templar's Gear Crusader Plate Carrier (CPC) is the result of many years of evolution and is made of high quality laser-cut Cordura laminate.

ROC buckles (Rapid Open Connector) allows rapid disassembly and reassembly of the plate carrier without changing the fitting of the carrier. These buckles are located in the cummerbund and the shoulder straps. 


The ROC cummerbund frees up the front of the plate, allowing the complete front to be covered with laser-cut MOLLE. Quick release buckles and velcro are provided for securing other front panels for maximum mission flexibility.

The cummerbund is wide and made of laminate with additional stiffening that ensures rigidity even under high loads, with a skeletal structure that allows for excellent ventilation. Freely adjustable size.

The skeletal structure and 2-layer laminate allows MOLLE accessories to be mounted on both sides of the cummerbund. Side SAPI pouches can be mounted to the cummerbund for additional ballistic protection.

The cummerbund is hidden in the back, allowing the back cover to be completely covered with MOLLE

The product should be cleaned as recommended by the manufacturer at temperatures of up to 30 C deg. Instead of washing, clean with a damp sponge and only use with detergents suited to Cordura.


  • Available in two sizes for MEDIUM and LARGE SAPI
  • ROC buckles (Rapid Open Connector) allows rapid disassembly and reassembly of the plate carrier while maintaining fit!
  • Use the front plate laser-cut MOLLE for a lower profile or the quick release buckle and velcro for securing other front panels.
  • Universal Cummerbund fits Medium-Large size waists 
  • Cummerbund hidden in the back to allow back cover to be completely covered with MOLLE
  • Zippers on the back allows the attaching of zipper mounted accessories such as our zipper back plate
  • Front Velcro ID panel 
  • Shoulder pads with padding, laser cut MOLLE and velcro loops for routing.
  • Velcro loops for routing hydration system tubes or radio system wires
  • Padding liner for comfort
  • Made of durable, lightweight laser-cut Cordura 500 laminate

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