TPC Gen4 COMBO SET - c/w Front MOLLE panel, Front 3x Shingle AR/AK panel

Templars Gear

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800.00 Grams
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Compatible w/:
1 inch buckle front panel , zipper backpacks, velcro cummerbunds
Upgrade w/:
Back Panel/Bag, ROC Cummerbund
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Product Overview

4th Generation TG-TPC is low profile light plate carrier, which can carry 25x30cm hard ballistic inserts in front and back plate pockets.

COMBO Set includes:

  • shoulder comfort pads,
  • velcro low profile MOLLE cummerbund
  • TG-CPC Shingle AR/AK GEN4 Front Panel
  • TG-CPC Standard front Panel. 

Harness and cummerbund are velcro adjustable and fits MEDIUM-LARGE SIZES.

Back panel allows the installation of dedicated zip-on panels / packs

Thanks to the laser cutting technology, the weight of the laminate was noticeably reduced. Plate carrier is made of durable Cordura 500D-based laminate, IRR treated.