M-LOK Cable Management Covers - SHORT, BLACK

Strike Industries

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Product Overview

*If shipped internationally, item will be shipped without original packaging.

The Strike Industries M-LOK Cable Management Covers add a positive tactile feeling but also utilizes the patent pending SI Cable Management System® (CMS) function enables you to organize and store excess wire from your weapon light or any other cabled accessories. Instead of tucking wire anywhere you can and using cable ties or tape to hold it down, the SI CMS will offer you a place to route and/or contain loose wire inside the cover cavity. Cables can be routed alongside the handguard, across to the other side, 90-degrees or U-shape. The directions and possibilities are almost endless. Designed to be low-profile (6.20mm (0.24”) height) and used in any orientation, the contoured covers add ergonomic textured surfaces to your handguard. Made of durable and lightweight polymer, the covers are also a quick and affordable upgrade to mitigate any heat transfer between the barrel and the shooters hands while organizing and routing cables just about any way you want. Available in a Long version that is 79.80mm (3.14”) in length that comes in a 2-pack or a Short version that is 39.90mm (1.57”) in length that comes in a 4-pack. Get one length or both and always have the Strike Industries M-LOK Cable Management Covers you need to get a grip and manage your cables at the same time.