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Product Overview

AZ1 is a rip away first aid pouch. The hooked Velcro anchor panel is MOLLE compatible while the looped Velcro pouch has a grab handle for quick access. The pouch is further secured with a fastex buckle strap. Pouch removal can be accomplished quickly with one hand. Main pocket is zipper closed, with two mesh pockets and rubber bands to secure items inside. A small, zipper closed pocket is added at the front and a shock cord loop allows attachment of first aid dressing or tourniquet. Pouch is made of Cordura 500D and a durable Cordura 500D-based laminate. Both fabrics are IRR treated. First aid kit not included.

LEGACY products are not the latest version sold by the manufacturer, we sell these at a discount and are generally not available for back order; contact us for details.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Templars Gear colors

ATTACHMENT METHOD: Velcro panel- 2w x 4h MOLLE  Pouch- Velcro (hook)

EXPANSION OPTIONS: Velcro panel- Velcro (loop)  Pouch- external bungee, Velcro (loop)