Breakout 1" D-ring Buckle Gun Belt (COYOTE BROWN/MULTICAM BLACK)

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420.00 Grams

Product Overview


We ordered a custom lot of belts! These high quality and rigid belts are perfect shooter belts, able to directly attach MOLLE or Belt loop accessories yet with a profile small enough that you can wear them both inside and outside your trouser belt loops.

  • Coyote Brown Tape, Multicam MOLLE, Black Stitching
  • 1.5" low profile D-ring Cobra buckle, velcro-secured D-ring, buckle tail fastener 
  • incredible handmade stitching quality
  • triple layer of webbing - just right for belt holsters and pouches
  • includes velcro lined inner belt for quick belt attachment and fixing
  • Standard Belt Sizing


Outer belt made of Polish PAMAMON polyamide tape. Tape thickness 2.2 mm, width 44 mm, strength (2000 kg).

Tape folded in half and stapled. 20 mm wide molle straps (Pasamon), folded in half and stapled 10 mm molle straps. The inner strap is made of ALFATEX® and a 38 mm wide VELCRO COMPANY hook.

AustriAlpin COBRA ANSI D-RING 18kN FX25KVD BLACK Buckle with 25mm constant adjustment. Breaking force of 18 kN and 36 kN loops. The buckle mechanism prevents opening under load.

The inner belt is made of polyamide tape of the Polish company PASAMON 44 mm wide and 38 mm wide ALFATEX®. LOOP.
Threads SERAFIL 40 - AMANN extremely durable with continuous polyester fibers.

The strap in this configuration is VERY !!!!! rigid set. It's ideal for tactical operations, IPSC shooting competitions and shooting training.