What is "ghillie suit"?

Ghillie suit is a camouflaging suit. The traditional one is fishing net with jute and mesh cloth sewing on the clothes to destroy the human shape, further be part of the environment to confuse the enemies.


 There are two factors of why a nice quality ghillie suit provides good concealment:

  • Ghillie suit breaks up the human form
    Besides facial features,  the shape of the neck is one of the biggest identifiers a target is "human". A ghillie suit provide a good concealment effect base by disrupting the neck and shoulder shape.
  • Similarities between camouflaging materials and weeds
    To blend in after disrupting the shape, right camouflaging materials such as jute, mesh cloth, fake weed and 3D leaf can be chosen to take the form, color and light reflection patterns of local vegetation and fauna



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